Monday, September 19, 2011

Storytime From A-Z: Fox In Socks

This week at Coop, the Storytime From A to Z was letter "X" and the book was "Fox In Socks".

To review the letter "X" sound, I had the students stand up, while I called out some words. If the word had the "x' sound, then they did a jumping jack.

X sound words included: X-ray, taxi, box, fox, ox, six, exit, exercise, explore, next, fix, mix, and extra

Since, there are 7 students in the class, I took 7 pairs of socks from this game.

And on each pair, I attached one picture that had an "X" sound and another picture that did not. Each student had to find one matching pair of socks, then say both words. The word with the letter "x" sound was put inside the washing machine "box".

After the game, we read the book "Fox In Socks".
Then the girls created their own Fox In Socks!

The fox face template is from the Storytime From A to Z book. The letter "x" sound pictures are from KidsSoup. I simply cut out a large rectangle for the body, 4 rectangles for the legs, a half circle for the tail, and made a sock pattern template.

Socks for Fox


  1. Just wondering where you got the template for the washing machine? I'd love to make this game! x

    1. It's a game called Silly Socks. I found mine at Goodwill.

    2. I bet you could use a cereal / shoe box and decorate it.

  2. I love this washing machine and socks, how adorable! Such a great and fun idea!
    Sheena @


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